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Williamsburg Sampler
Bed & Breakfast

Williamsburg, Virginia

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Proclaimed by Virginia's Governor
"Inn of the Year"
Commendation by Virginia's House of Delegates for
"...gracious hospitality to Virginia's visitors."

Don't forget to ask about the 'Skip Lunch Breakfast!'
Arno Schmidt, Exec Chef (Ret) The Waldorf-Astoria
"The food and service is wonderful...with the standards of the best hotel."

The Williamsburg Sampler Bed and Breakfast Inn is the finest 18th Century plantation style colonial, and located in the City of Williamsburg's Architectural Corridor Protection District. Although this home was built in the year of the bicentennial, it captures the early American spirit of historic Colonial Williamsburg.   This home will immediately gain your love with its warm atmosphere, tasteful decor, and fine carpentry

This six bedroom home compliments the ones located in the historic area, and is within walking distance.

The rooms serve as wonderful replicas of an elegant Colonial home with antiques, pewter, and framed American and English Samplers.

The four bed chambers, which includes Suites with "Roof Top Garden," are cozy with rice-carved, four-poster beds, colonial decor, central air, and private bath.

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The romantic setting of the guest rooms will assure you a quiet slumber. The two Suite will make you feel extra special. The first room has a four poster bed (with either a king or queen size bed) and 18th century colonial decor, wingback chair, premium cable television, and private bath. Then through French doors to the second room having wingback chairs, a wet bar sink and refrigerator in an antique piece, fireplace and wall premium cable television/VCR. Again through French doors and out to the "Roof Top Garden," with a view of the garden, woods, and grapevine covered Arbor below for $164, plus tax. Or you may select the equally pleasant room with four-poster rice carved bed, 18th century colonial decor, wingback chair, television and private bath for $120, plus tax. This home is unique that it meets all the State and City codes for safety including fire alarms and sprinkler systems, tastefully placed so not to distract from the overall enchantment. The Williamsburg Sampler Bed and Breakfast Inn is a smoke-free environmental home that the guests can enjoy.

Breakfast is a pleasant event at the Williamsburg Sampler Bed and Breakfast Inn. 

The extraordinary aroma of fresh brewed coffee and homemade muffins will gently wake you up to a "Williamsburg Sampler Morning". In the Rooster's Den with fireplace and pewter collection, you will meet with the other guests for the leisurely famous full and scrumptious "Skip Lunch" breakfast, elegantly served on fine china. Their breakfast has been recognized by the Virginia Egg Board's brochure "Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Recipes," some of their favorite recipes are in "Specialties of the House" by Julia Pitkin, Additionally they have been featured in the local Food Section. They mix in a lot of hospitality.

Stamp of approvals from AAA's 3-Diamonds and Mobil's 3-stars.

"Whenever the Barones are in town we stay at The Williamsburg Sampler" Ray Romano. Everyone Love Raymond show.

Williamsburg Sampler Bed and Breakfast is a member of the following associations:
Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia
Professional Association of Innkeepers International

Williamsburg Sampler Bed & Breakfast
922 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
Tel: (757) 253-0398
Toll Free: 800-722-1169

Fax: (757) 253-2669
E-mail: WbgSampler@aol.com 
Innkeepers: Helen & Ike Sisane

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